My Original Work

September 9, 2020

Will an AI take my job?

Featured on NPR's The Pulse, this short audio essay is a testimony to my voice over artist. With the rise of TTS and automated voices, I explore how the technological achievements of artificial intelligence to generate human-like capabilities may soon be the very thing that removes the human element of creation all together.   [audio…

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October 20, 2018

Just My Type

Just my Type is the first audio drama I wrote and was birthed in 2018. This two part tech thriller was created with the help of mentor Carl Ford and features an an incredible cast;  Dylan Young, Sri Gordon, Tom Brangle, Sean G. Slater, Adrienne LaValley, Lil Malinich, Nikki Thomas, Laura Ornella, Lori Felipe-Barkin. The sound design and…

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