My Original Work

September 9, 2020

Will an AI take my job?

Will AI take my job? Featured on NPR's The Pulse, this short audio essay is a testimony to the role of the voice over artist. As we watch the rise of TTS and automated voices, could it be the technological achievements of artificial intelligence to generate human-like capabilities may soon be the very thing that…

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October 20, 2018

Just My Type

Just my Type is the first audio drama I wrote and was birthed in 2018. This two part tech thriller was created with the help of mentor Carl Ford and features an an incredible cast;  Dylan Young, Sri Gordon, Tom Brangle, Sean G. Slater, Adrienne LaValley, Lil Malinich, Nikki Thomas, Laura Ornella, Lori Felipe-Barkin. The sound design and…

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