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...us voicies get asked

Hmmm...why don’t you use me for your next project and you will?! And if you haven't already, check out the projects I've voiced here.
Voice over rates - what a good question! And the answer it - it depends! To quote, I take usage, platform, media, country and your budget into consideration. When working on projects, I always work to find a rate that’s in line with industry standards AND suits all parties. My main go-to rate guide is the fantastic one at GVAA which you can search through here. Contact me to discuss this further.
Yup. I think so anyway.
I got started in voice over whilst living in my hometown Melbourne, cutting my teeth on TVC, radio and narration copy. Over the years I've grown my skills in dialects and audio engineering to now work in a full spectrum of voice genres all able to be recorded from my professional home studio in Brooklyn.
Working pretty hard! There are tons of great resources out there. Reach out if you want some guidance or class/coach recommendations and educate yourself on suggested industry rates here