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Now that you've had a chance to listen to my demos and get to know me, contact me about voiceover services here! I’m always in for good conversation! Whether it’s for your exciting project or to answer any questions you may have.

And if it's for a rush project, no problem! I can offer a quick turnaround delivered in any file format you require. Fill in the form below so I can reach out to you.

(Also if you don't like contact forms, feel free to send an email to info@nikkisthomas.com or call me on 929 256 9451.)

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...us voices get asked

When I book a session, I will allocate an hour to work with you on your script. While longer narration might require additional sessions, most commercials are recorded within the hour session time. Another option is a remote record which is where I record 2-3 takes and send off for approval. Part of my fee in a remote record session is one free pick up session, which gives you a chance to get the shape my takes into the read you desire.
Typically no. Most voice over projects will have their rates determined by usage time and media platform. Additional information like country of origin will also come into play. Lastly, what your budget is will most determine what the rates are. In special cases, like audiobooks, rates are set by a per finished hour rate. Check out this rate guide that GVAA put together to get more of an idea.
Most definitely! As long as you are in the radius of my adopted hometown Brooklyn, New York.
Files can be formatted in mp3, WAV, AIFF or OMF and sent via a dropbox or wetransfer link. In the case you have a specific shared folder or FTP link, I'd be happy to upload it there too.