“Nikki is the perfect voiceover here. Professional, well spoken Australian accent.” 
– Aristocrat Gaming, Sydney Australia

“Having been used from commercial to short film to radio, Nikki has been able to fill practically every need. With a very natural and broad accent that is crystal clear, it is possible to use her for many situations.” 
– Josh Dawson, Director, Berlin Germany

“Nikki’s talent as a voice over artist has made her one of my favourite performers.”
– Alf Lee, Creative Director, Melbourne Australia

“Great voice. Great read. I highly recommend Nikki. She absolutely nailed this project.”
– Jay Goodman, Producer, New York USA

“Working with Nikki is wonderful. Her concern is greatest for work, communication is fluid, she runs to find the maximum understanding to get the best result. A great professional to work with for sure.”
– Daniel Sánchez Carrasco, Voice Over Agent, Barcelona Spain

“Friendly, professional, versatile, Tick, Tick, Tick and always easy going. Looking forward to messing with your time clock in future session.”
– Dylan Stephens, Sound Engineer, Risk Sound, Melbourne Australia

“Since auditioning Nikki, she has worked consistently for us on commercials featured nationwide on Spotify and RDIO. Our company supplies advertisements for both the American and Australian market and this year, Nicole took her status in the company to a new level; she became the only voice over artist to book projects on in both countries markets. Given the intensity and incredibly fast turnaround of the industry, this is truly a remarkable achievement.”
– Daren Lake, F#Sharp